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                      Why is the surgical gown either blue or green, and the wrong color will cause trouble?

                      Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/7/27 16:03:20 Hits:84
                       The doctor who relieves patients has always been known as the "white angel", and it is synonymous with medical workers. However, I don’t know if you have observed it carefully. When the doctor performs an operation, he will put on a green surgical gown, so why is it not white?
                       It is not difficult to imagine that most of the operation time, doctors are focused on blood-red tissues or organs. In this case, the doctor’s brain is prone to "oversaturation". In other words, after the brain is continuously exposed to the same type of things or the same stimuli, it will produce nerve fatigue. As the operation time progresses, the doctor’s eyes’ ability to distinguish red will gradually decrease, and then they will no longer be able to distinguish the subtle differences between reds in various parts. Therefore, you need to look at the green body from time to time and keep your brain on the red. Sensitivity.
                       But maybe you want to move to white or another color, isn't it okay? But the answer is no. During the operation, the doctor's eyes always see bright red blood. If medical staff wear white lab coats in the operating room, for a long time, when the surgeon suddenly shifts his sight to the white lab coat of his partner, he will see spots of "green blood" and white surgical gowns are easy It will cause the doctor to have an illusion of afterimage. This is very dangerous for patients who are in the process of surgery.
                       This is actually a phenomenon called "persistence of vision", also known as "afterglow phenomenon." It means that when people are observing a scene, after the object moves or the vision shifts to another scene, the eyes can still keep the picture of the previous scene, and the duration is about 0.1 to 0.4 seconds. The more stimulating or tired the vision, the longer the remaining picture will be. In order to reduce this fatigue, the optic nerve will induce a complementary color to adjust itself.
                      Scientists have done a very simple experiment, first paint a bright red on a white cloth. When you look at this piece of red cloth for a period of time, and then turn to another piece of white cloth, you will see a piece of light green that is exactly the same size and shape as that piece of red cloth. The pattern on the white cloth will only disappear after a few seconds. . Therefore, light green is the complementary color of red, so this color is used for surgical gowns. It can not only eliminate the green illusion caused by visual complementary colors and increase the sensitivity of doctors to red; but also reduce the fatigue of their optic nerves, thereby ensuring that the operation can proceed smoothly to avoid medical accidents.
                       From the perspective of anti-pollution, blood will usually be seen in major or minor operations. If you wear white or other light-colored surgical gowns for operation, the blood splashing will be very obvious. It will inevitably lead to nervousness and fear when the patient sees it, and the doctor will also feel uneasy, and will feel that the surgical gown is so contaminated that it cannot be worn.
                       The surgical gown uses a contrasting red blood stain, green or blue-green. Even if blood stains are splashed, the color will be weakened, leaving no bright red blood stains, mostly brown. At the same time, blue-green can keep people's mind calm through visual effects, which is helpful for doctors to perform operations, and green represents a kind of vitality. When doctors wear this kind of surgical gown during surgery, it can also bring a kind of life to the patient. hope.
                       Even if you have never been in an operating room, if you pay attention to it, you will find that the walls of the operating room in the movie are light blue or all green. This is not for disinfection, nor is it customized by the hospital for aesthetics. The color selection of surgical gowns is the same, and their existence is based on science.
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